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Power Attic Vents – Cincinnati Roof Ventilation Options 

Attic ventilation presents some unique issues in Cincinnati due to the fluctuating weather. One of the ways to make sure that your attic ventilation will work properly in any weather is to install a roof mounted power ventilator. These ventilators will vent hot air from the attic and pull in the cooler air from the soffit vents, and they are adjustable to function automatically.

About Power Attic Vents

The power ventilator is ideal for roofs that do not have a ridge vent system. They also work well on roofs where the design does not allow for the placement of box louver vents. Our Cincinnati roofing experts can look at your roof and advise you about the type of ventilation that will work best. Your home may not currently have the right ventilation system, and this could lead to higher cooling costs. Keeping the attic cooler and well ventilated will prolong the life of shingles and help to protect the roof structure.

Our professional roofing team will recommend the power vent that is best for your needs and home. Power vents have humidity and temperature control settings so they can work automatically without manual activation. Most power vents are also equipped with an adjustable thermostat and humidistat which allow the power vent to function only when needed – conserving energy.

Power Vent Features and Benefits

The following are other features and benefits of installing a power vent:

  • They are constructed of durable steel to withstand winds and hail.
  • Birds, squirrels and other rodents are kept out by a steel mesh which is built into the vent. This ensures that your attic will not be invaded by troublesome creatures.
  • Living areas will be more comfortable when heat buildup in the attic is reduced.
  • The air conditioning system will not have to work as hard which means less wear and tear on the system.
  • Weather-induced home deterioration will be prevented when the inside and outside temperatures are equalized.
  • The power vents have a low profile which makes them unobtrusive on the roofline.
  • A balanced fan blade eliminates vibration.

Power vents are selected that are best for the size of your attic and the amount of net free intake airflow available. Our roofing team can determine which is the right power vent to serve your needs and install them correctly on your Cincinnati area home. If you would like a FREE ROOF VENTILATION ESTIMATE, contact us today!