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Residential Cincinnati Roofing Services

Your Cincinnati home is most likely the largest asset you have, and it’s vital you take care of it. Since your home’s roof is the first defense against the elements, protecting your family and all your belongings, it’s important to ensure it’s well maintained and properly serving its purpose. When there’s an issue, you’ll be in need of an affordable Cincinnati Roofing company. That’s where Harper Siding and Roofing can step in and help with various roofing services.

Roof Leaks

If you notice wet spots in the ceiling of your home, or drips on the floor, you may have a roof leak. Don’t fret – this doesn’t necessarily mean you need an entire new roof. It’s likely that the leak can be patched and some replacement shingles can be matched to the rest of the roof. Roof leak repair is a common problem, and something Harper Siding and Roofing can certainly assist you with!

Depending on what the issue is, and how severe it is, chances are good that we can repair it and protect what’s left of your roof. A roof takes a lot of pressure, and precipitation, and various assaults from the elements, so it does have a limited lifespan. But exercising smart management of your valued assets will help you prolong the life of your roof, and we can advise and assist you.

Full Roof Replacement

In the event you do need an entire new roof, our experienced and affordable Cincinnati roofing team can help! We’ll do all the dirty work – we’ll climb on your roof, check shingles, look for issues and give you a full honest evaluation of your specific situation. If you do need a new roof, we’ll then provide roofing options, including different types and colors of shingles, and clearly explain the benefits of each option. We are not in the business of upselling you – many times we’ll steer you away from more expensive options and explain why we feel that’s a better fit for you and your Cincinnati home.

A roof replacement, though it is not a piece of news that people often jump up and down for, is nonetheless a smart investment. Protecting your home, given how much love and effort you put into that home, is a very worthwhile way to prepare for your future.

We take great pride in being affordable. We know how much it costs to maintain a home, and how many expenses you have aside from your property upkeep. Times are tight, and our aim is to help keep this within your budget.

I Need A New Roof – How Can You Help?

It can be scary, we get it. But Harper Siding and Roofing will help you through the entire process from A – Z. We’ll inspect your roof and ensure you are fully aware of the issues, options, and roofing services available to you. If we feel your roof issue may be covered by your home owner’s insurance, we’ll discuss that with you too. We’ll work with you, the insurance company, and the adjuster to ensure the process is smooth and as stress free as possible.

Have A Cincinnati Roof Issue? Request an Estimate!

If you feel your Cincinnati area home may have a roof issue, let us know! We’ll give the run down of all the roofing services available, and provide an estimate to repair it or replace it. Request a Cincinnati Roof Estimate and Inspection by calling 513.444.6098.

Affordable Cincinnati Roofing Company
Harper Siding and Roofing is an Affordable Roofing Company in Cincinnati. Call 513.444.6098 for an estimate.

Adding Home Insulation Can Keep Your Family More Comfortable

Does your Cincinnati area home seem too hot in the summer? Too cold in the winter? You may think your HVAC isn’t working right, but it very well could be an issue with the insulation of your home. That’s right, insulation not only helps keep you cooler in the summer, but it can also keep you warmer in the winter. How? A correctly insulated home will allow you to maintain the temperature inside your home more efficiently – keeping things the way you want them inside, while ensuring the bad weather outside doesn’t affect your comfort. Want more information about how insulation can keep you happier through all four of Cincinnati’s seasons? Contact us today for a INSULATION ESTIMATE.