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cincinnati insulationWhat Are the Benefits of Insulating My Home?

A well-insulated Cincinnati home can save homeowners money by reducing their energy bills. In addition, those homeowners will also enjoy an increased comfort level!

Cincinnati Home Insulation Can Stop Air Leaks

Every home has many spots where indoor air can leak out and outdoor air can creep in. Thus, the ideal plan is to seal the leaks and add insulation to maintain the inside temperature, thereby creating a comfortable environment. Outside air will leak in through openings found in the outer walls, doors, windows, and other openings. Furthermore, a lack of insulation can allow outside temperatures to affect the inside temperature, even if there is no air leakage; cold outside air can make the home cold, and hot outside air can make the interior hot.

Thus, insulating the home is always important. A well-insulated home can fix these five problems:

  1. Less outside noise will be audible indoors. The reduction in ambient noise will do wonders for your rest and relaxation. You have likely become so accustomed to these sounds that you do not notice them, but wait until they disapp Your heart rate will slow, your breathing will become deeper, and it will be easier for you to concentrate and decompress. Say goodbye to those passing cars, those lawnmowers, those barking dogs, and that freeway static.
  2. Less pollen and dust will enter the home. You have no idea how much your respiratory system may be reacting to pollen and dust until you begin removing it from your environment. If you get hay fever, it may decrease or disappear.
  3. Fewer insects will enter. Fewer ants, fewer mosquitoes, fewer flies, fewer spiders. Amen and hallelujah.
  4. Humidity will be better controlled. This drier air may improve your health during allergy season too, and prevent your clothes and bedding from mildewing.
  5. Temperature will be better controlled. Ah, the joys of comfortable, warm, soft air for sleeping in the winter.

Different Types of Insulation

Insulation comes in several forms. Homeowners will often spray foam insulation because it can be applied into cracks and crevices and walls, as well as under attic floors and walls. Loose-fill and blown-in insulation is generally made from cellulose, fiberglass and mineral materials, and these products are used in the same places as the sprayed foam insulation.

Any insulation installed in a home should be Energy Star certified, which means that the insulation has been tested by an approved third-party testing laboratory to ensure that it meets performance standards and flame-resistant requirements. Energy Star certified insulation is better for the environment, not just based on how it acts in your home, but based on the production methods the factory implemented to make it.

The process of sealing a home is something the homeowner can do. It requires getting a caulking gun and caulking material to seal around window frames and doors. Check with your local hardware store or big box home improvement store to select the best products for your application. You can find a variety of materials, and each material will list an expected effective duration – something that you should pay attention to. You may want to check the sealant around openings in the roof as well – our free insulation inspection / estimate may help locate some of these problem spots.

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