Affordable Residential and Commercial Roofing Company In Cincinnati

When searching for Cincinnati roof service companies….

With so many reputable Cincinnati roofing companies available, how do you find the best one for you and your family?

First, make sure you aren’t paying for an estimate. An experienced and established roofing company should provide a free estimate. If you are being charged, make sure you ask why, and start looking for other options.

Next, make sure the estimate you receive for your roof repairs (or roof replacement) is affordable. Pricing for roof work can vary greatly depending on many factors, so get a few estimates and compare pricing and line items.

What’s the warranty? Ask the company to explain what their warranty is, on material and labor.

Are they insured? Ask the roofing company if they have insurance – which is very important for this type of work.

Finally, how is the communication? Did the company show up on time when they said they would? Are they easily reachable? If setting up an appointment is getting difficult, that may be a tell tale sign about how communication may be during the actual job.

Why Is Harper Siding And Roofing A Good Choice?

Our roofing company, locally owned and operated out of Milford Ohio, provides affordable pricing, friendly customer service and tremendous communication with our customers throughout the process of the roofing services we provide. From the free roofing inspection, to the completion of the job, our customers appreciate how we do business, and that’s evident from our 5 Star Google ratings!

Affordable, Reliable, and Easy to Work With

While many roofing companies will try to upsell you, we here at Harper often do the opposite. Often, we advise our valued friends and customers to go with less expensive options and keep their expenses low. We never want to be one of those companies that jacks up the prices and surprises its clients with unseen and unpredicted costs. We aim to keep our work under estimate whenever it is possible.

Being affordable is a core, essential part of who we are and what we do.

We also hear from our clients that we’re easy to talk to, and that we answer questions well. We certainly hope so! We like for there to be no mystery in your job — to cut straight to the explanation and keep it very direct and to-the-point.

We work fast, too. Some contractors can drag out jobs and create unnecessary delays. We show up on time, work efficiently, and get your roof fixed quick.

Your Local Cincinnati Roofing Company

If it’s time for a new roof, or roofing repair, and you find yourself looking for Cincinnati roofing companies to provide estimates for work, consider Harper Siding and Roofing – we’ll provide a FREE ROOF INSPECTION, a FREE ESTIMATE and answer all your roofing questions!

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