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Why Should I Think About Replacing My Home’s Windows?

installation of new windowsHave you been looking for a company in Cincinnati who offers replacements windows at a reasonable cost? Look no further – Harper Siding and Roofing can help you!

Information About Replacement Windows

Windows should be replaced when they no longer keep the weather outside, and when a desirable comfort level is difficult to maintain inside. There is no set time line for replacing windows, but typically windows hold a reasonable life span of about 15 years old. That said, the quality of the windows become a factor in deciding when to replace them. Some windows will need to be replaced before others would need to be replaced. For instance, several months ago we replaced windows in an older home in Oakley – the windows were original windows, from 1903! While they kept the weather out of the home, they were NOT efficient and the customer was paying much higher costs for heating and cooling the property than they should have been.

Below are some signs that windows should be replaced, and information about the benefits of replacing them:

New Windows Keep The Weather Outside

Inefficient windows and windows that have become less protective of the home’s inside environment need to be replaced. Aging and deteriorating windows can allow outside air to leak into the home resulting in higher energy bills (just like that older Oakley home mentioned above). These windows can also allow water to leak into the home behind the walls. Improving the ability to control the interior comfort level is an important reason for replacing your windows.

Replacement Windows Help Lower Energy Costs

The high quality windows that are available today are made of materials that provide much better insulation through every season than windows we see in many of the older homes in the Cincinnati area. The high-tech windows available today will enable your cooling and heating systems to be much more efficient while reducing your energy costs. Warm air will not seep in and cool air will not seep out.

Upgraded Windows Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

New windows will dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home. New windows add a high quality appearance to your home, and this improvement is readily noticeable. Replacement windows are also a terrific selling point. Since your home is probably your largest investment, replacing old windows will increase the value of your investment. If you plan on selling your home anytime soon, the new windows will signal to buyers that you care about your property.

Increase Your Cincinnati Home’s Security

Burglars are very good at recognizing weak windows that are very easily subject to forced entry with little effort. Windows that are in bad shape and missing locks are an invitation to burglars. Replacing old windows will provide an increased level of security and greater peace of mind.

Decrease The Noise Levels

You might be surprised at how much noise is in your neighborhood when you install new windows that block much of the noise. You might sleep better when you block out the noise. The evening hours and early mornings on the weekend will be more relaxing when there is a reduced level of neighborhood noise.

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As you can see, replacing the older windows in your Cincinnati home with newer replacement windows has many, many benefits. Want to learn about even more? Contact the window specialists at Harper Siding and Roofing by calling 513.444.6098 for more info!

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