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When looking in Cincinnati for a vinyl siding company, an affordable option is Harper Siding & Roofing. With a wealth of experience in the area, they are an excellent choice for your vinyl siding needs.

Why Choose Vinyl Siding Over Other Siding Options?

Here are four reasons, from Cincinnati’s favorite affordable vinyl siding company:

  1. Vinyl siding lowers your costs for heating and air conditioning

Between the wall studs in your exterior walls, you can lose a lot of heat (or, in the summer, let in a lot of heat). Your home has insulation between the wall studs, but the studs themselves lose heat. When you get insulated vinyl siding, you get a shield over those studs. It’s sort of like a blanket. This improves your insulation significantly. This increase in efficiency with regard to wall-stud insulation is called “thermal bridging.”

  1. You have to do very little to maintain vinyl siding

This type of siding is resistant to termites and other kinds of pests, as well as to rot. You will not need to paint your home when you have vinyl siding, either. You simply clean the siding, which is exponentially less expensive than a new paint job. Once you get an affordable vinyl siding company to install the siding, your costs for maintenance will plummet. You’ll save a lot of money.

  1. Vinyl siding is remarkably durable

It can take the wind and hail and moisture. Vinyl siding is TOUGH, it’s durable.

  1. Vinyl siding is very versatile, in a number of ways

You can get it in hundreds of textures, profiles, and colors. You can have it look like Victorian scallops or cedar shakes, or just about anything you would like to see.

Trust Harper Siding and Roofing For Your Vinyl Siding Needs

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