Affordable Residential and Commercial Roofing Company In Cincinnati

Professional roofing companies can handle any type of residential roofing problem from replacing a roof to repairing a roof. While many roofing companies work on both commercial and residential roofs, some companies specialize in only commercial roof installations and repairs, and others that work only on residential roofs.

Roofing Materials

The variety of roofing materials available today enable homeowners to choose from a large selection of high quality and long-lasting products. While there are many more choices available than just asphalt shingles, there are a wide variety of these shingles with greater durability that will last many more years than previously available shingles were expected to last. Manufacturing technology has improved so much that an asphalt shingle on the market today can be expected to withstand the wear caused by rain and wind for a much longer time. In addition, many more roofing shingle colors are available now than in years past.

Roofing Shingles

Asphalt shingles are not the only type of roofing materials available. The premium composite shingles come with warranties of up to 50 years! Thick wood shakes are another option with a long lifespan of between 35 and 40 years. The wood shingles are a thinner shingle than wood shakes, and their lifespan is around 25 years. The slate roof is the most durable roof lasting 100 years. Other types of roofing materials are available such as metal. One important note: The roofing expert you choose to work with will need to determine the roof pitch so that the correct material for that pitch can be recommended.

The asphalt shingles and the premium composite shingles come in many designs with some looking like a shake material. The luxury asphalt shingles are thick laminated shingles and they have the look of more expensive roofing materials.

Roof Installation Technology

Through the years, roofing companies have been able to improve the installation of roofing materials by using technology that has been developed to improve the efficiency of the installers and to achieve a more secure installation. This is a huge benefit to homeowners.

Reputable local roofing companies can provide more than roofing material options; they can evaluate a home’s needs for roof repair and more ventilation. A homeowner can receive valuable information about their roof’s condition by having a roof inspection.

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