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A company that provides roofing services generally deals with commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Experienced and skilled roofing companies can work on flat roof jobs, angled roof constructions, and all variety of architectural layouts. These companies work with a variety of roofing products.

Roofing work is regulated in the United States, and every state has its own licensing and monitoring. These regulations make sure roofing contractors keep their work up to code. Working with unlicensed contractors can lead to hefty fines, and in some cases, even prison time.

Those who provide roofing services deal with the construction and design of the original roof for a new house, as well as the maintenance and repair of already existing roof constructions.

Given the different types of construction used in the Cincinnati area, there are roofing companies that deal with various specialties:

  • Hot roofers, who use tar-based products
  • Flat roofers, who work on form roofs or single-ply (often PVC or rubber)
  • Metal roofers, who specialize in using metal panels
  • Shingle roofers, who work with tiles, shakes, shingles, and other materials that they can nail onto a roof

Many companies have people who can work in all four styles. Often, a roofing companies might bring in certain specialists on a contract basis, depending upon the type of approach required for a given location.

The last of those groups, shingle roofers, is the most common. Asphalt shingles tend to be the most popular type of roof in our part of the United States. Dimensional and architectural shingles are becoming used more frequently, but these still fall under the auspices of shingle work.

Before installing a roof, the roofing specialists must clear what is already there. They remove debris, and often remove old shingles. This is comparable to painting the exterior of a house; before you can begin to apply a fresh coat, you must sand off the previous coats and give yourself a clean, tidy surface. Replacing a roof is much the same. The new materials need a fresh surface to adhere to, so rough spots must be dealt with first.

The first layer a roofing company adds is the insulation. Then, they add a layer of tar-like substance to help seal in the insulation, topped with roofing felt. After that, it’s another layer of the tar-like substance, and another layer of felt. Repeating this step, and sealing in the seams with each layer, helps ensure that the fresh roofing products will be watertight and protected.

At Harper Siding and Roofing of Cincinnati, our trained, knowledgeable roof experts have dealt with many varieties of roof construction. If you have any questions about your current roof, or would like a free roofing estimate on what work your roof may need, please call us at 513.444.6098.

Your Vinyl Siding, and What You Need to Maintain It

Home siding is a key part of home construction. In Cincinnati, vinyl siding has helped solve many of the problems that have plagued houses over the years. It is durable, relatively easy to install and clean, and it can handle the vagaries of midwestern weather. Finding the right company to install and maintain your vinyl siding, though, is a crucial part of the puzzle. Harper Siding and Roofing, based here in Cincinnati, are experts in vinyl siding. Let the friendly, knowledgeable pros from our roofing and exterior company work with you to find the perfect solution for your home.