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Repairing Leaky Roofs In Cincinnati Is Our Specialty

The roof is the largest part of your home, and it can be very difficult to detect problems with the roof from the ground. When a roof develops issues, it frequently results in water leaking into the attic. It’s not unusual for this water to travel into other parts of the home causing serious problems – toxic black mold may be one. Roof leak repairs are very important because they generally will either prevent damage, or at minimum, curtail it. A reputable local roofer will examine the roof to detect areas that need fixing. They may also inspect the attic to find signs of water damage from leaks in the roof.

What Causes Roof Leaks?

Water leaks can be caused by numerous problems with the roof. Wind storms can loosen shingles which will cause the underlayment to rot and allow water to enter the home. When shingles are out of place, water can reach areas resulting in the water penetrating the roof. Shingles that are worn are susceptible to tearing, and this condition will eventually cause the underlayment to rot and water to trickle in.

Chimney Flashing Leaks

Roof leak repair in Cincinnati will often be needed around the chimney where the flashing has deteriorated due to weather conditions. This problem will allow water to enter the home where the flashing is in bad condition. It is not unusual for the sealant around the flashing to deteriorate, which may also may allow water to enter the home. New products on the market will enable the roofer to make repairs with high quality, longer lasting products – such as sealants that are much more durable than they were years ago.

Roof Vent Leaks

Vents in the roof are often a problem because the sealant has worn and left access points for the water to enter. Venting issues can be easily fixed by using the same high quality sealant that they would use around the chimney. In both instances, the old sealant must be scraped away and the area needs to be completely free of debris and remaining sealant.

Roof Valleys Leaks

Another leaky roof issue that needs to be fixed is in the area of roof valleys where one part of the roof adjoins another part that is positioned in an angle. Sometimes the shingles that form the valley area are not in the correct position due to weather or poor construction practices. Problems in this area can be easily fixed.

It is important to check the roof underlayment for rot since this condition will not improve, and the rot will continue to be a problem. Over time, it will be as serious problem. A roofer can inspect the underlayment and provide an assessment of its overall condition.

Complete Cincinnati Roof Leak Repair

Harper Siding and Roofing provides full roof replacements for homes all around the Cincinnati area. But we are also called out to fix roofing issues caused by poor craftsmanship and incorrect roof “repairs” that were previous made as well. If you feel your roof is having an issue, call our team – we may be able to provide an affordable fix and save you money! A FREE ROOF LEAK ESTIMATE is just a click a way!

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Whether you are planning to sell your home soon, or plan on living in it for years to come, one thing is for sure: you want it to look nice. A great way to keep a smile on your face every time you pull up to your house, is to install new siding on your home for a fresh clean look. You may think that new siding may costs more than painting the exterior of your home – and you are probably right – kind of. See, because siding lasts much longer than paint, you will most likely end up getting 3 – 5x the life out of the siding over painting – that means much less money over time since you won’t be repainting every few years. Want to learn more about siding your home? Contact Harper Siding and Roofing for a FREE SIDING ESTIMATE today with no obligation!