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Why Should I Consider Vinyl Siding?

Think about it: what part of your Cincinnati home is most visible? Without a doubt, it is the home’s exterior! The look of your home’s exterior is important because it’s the first impression of the entire home. If you aren’t happy with your home’s current curb appeal, new siding can create an amazing transformation in the look of your home.

A Whole New Look

New siding can help give your home a clean look. Older siding can easily become dirty, and it may leave people thinking your home is not well cared for. With updated siding, your home may even become a showpiece in the neighborhood! There are a variety of types of siding, with different colors and patterns to truly transform your home’s look. The Vinyl Siding Institute website displays a wide variety of design styles, along with information about different methods of installation.

Vinyl Siding Options

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding options. There are three shapes of vinyl siding, and each will change the way your home looks in different ways. Vinyl siding can be purchased as long thin planks, or it could be shakes or shingles that are nailed individually onto the house. The thin planks can be installed vertically or horizontally depending on the look you want to achieve. If your home is large, you may be able to combine the planks with shakes or shingles.

Vinyl siding shakes, patterned after cedar shakes, can give a home the rustic outdoor appearance of real wooden cedar shakes. Vinyl shakes are manufactured to look like wood, but they do not have the high maintenance of wood shakes. Staggered patterns are available and can give the appearance that each shake was individually sawed by hand and installed one at a time. The straight edge shakes also provide an attractive appearance. Color-coordinated trim will further enhance the new look of your home. The design possibilities and color combinations are endless, and will give you a ton of options for making your home into the masterpiece you envision.

Beautify Your Neighborhood

Enhancing the curb appeal of your house can have remarkable consequences for you. Having a sparkling, fresh exterior makes your home shine, and might inspire your neighbors to step up their own home exterior game. A prettier set of houses can equal higher property values, which can equal happier neighbors, and then everyone wins.

Cincinnati is a beautiful, scenic city. But it is a city that is often undervalued. When people from Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C., or other more “expensive” cities come to visit, they are often stunned at how far their money can go in Cincinnati, in terms of investing in a home. Whatever we can all do to increase the beauty of our shared streets, raise our property values, , and elevate the reputation of Cincinnati as a shining, world-class city is effort that benefits us all.

Vinyl Siding for the Future

The degree to which new vinyl siding can improve your home’s curb appeal should not be underestimated. Fresh walls, vibrant colors, and clean external contours can make an aging façade sparkle.

Using an exterior material on your home that can withstand the weather is essential. But using a material that is versatile, in terms of both design and application, can open up a world of possibilities for the appearance of your home’s exterior. Vinyl is designed and engineered to require the least amount of upkeep and maintenance of any home exterior material. Once you have siding installed, it will stay bright and clean looking with only a minimum amount of hassle.

Cleaning your home’s exterior becomes much easier with vinyl siding, too. A simple power-washing can scrub your siding clean, without you needing to even climb a ladder. A high-powered hose can blast any residue or discoloration off those new panels.

Rather than needing to apply new coats of paint as the years go by, you can just wash your siding, and it will look fresh and radiant. And by needing fewer toxic chemicals in the form of fresh paint buckets, your new vinyl siding will be ecologically smarter and more sustainable. Siding is long-lasting and will require very little maintenance or upkeep over the years. It will keep your home looking modern, well-maintained, and ready for all seasons.

Cincinnati Vinyl Siding & Exterior Contractor

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Pricing Out Different Roofing Companies

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