Affordable Residential and Commercial Roofing Company In Cincinnati

Not all buildings utilize asphalt shingles or metal for their roofs. If you have a rubber roof on your home or commercial property, and it’s in need of repair, choosing the proper material is essential. Whether you are planning to repair the leak yourself, or call out a professional roofing company, understanding the type of material that your roof is made of, and what options are available to you, is vital.

Rubber Roof Materials

A variety of plastomeric and elastomeric single-ply membranes are available. Included in this category is the EPDM system, the Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), the Modified Bituminous Membrane (MBM) and the Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO). These products are lighter in weight and much easier to install. It is important to note that these materials are effective only when wind uplift is achieved without adding other materials to anchor the roofing.

Patching A Small Rubber Roof Leak

Sometimes the issue is very small and the fix is quick! If the affected area of the rubber roof just needs a patch, applying a bead of EPDM lap sealant around the edges of the patch provides added protection against water intrusion.

Questions About Leaky Rubber Roofs?

Ideally, any rubber roof repair requires a roofer experienced in repairing the type of roof that is on the building. If you have a rubber roof that requires a repair, be sure to ask us about the repair process and what materials we recommend for that specific application. As always, we provide roof inspections and estimates.

How the Cincinnati Siding Companies Help Preserve Property Value

Pride of ownership is a very real phenomenon. When you drive through a neighborhood where the residents own their homes, you can see the care they give to their property. Manicured lawns, holiday decorations, flower beds, and tidy side yards flourish in areas where people have been able to invest and own their homes. What does this have to do with siding companies in Cincinnati? A weather-resistant, carefully protected home reflects well on other homes in the neighborhood. Fresh, clean, orderly siding can improve the curb appeal of a house tremendously. And as you improve the appearance of your home — as well as your home’s ability to protect itself — you inspire your neighbors to up their home-care game as well. As your house looks cleaner, brighter, and more weather-proof, and as your neighbors’ homes follow suit, all of your property values will continue to rise. Blocks appreciate together. Neighborhoods increase in value as clusters.