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The Importance Of Soffit Vents For Roof Ventilation 

What Are Soffit Vents?

Almost definitively, your home has a soffit installed, which is the material that connects the roof overhang and the side walls of your home. Interestingly, the term “soffit” originated in the French language and it means “something fixed underneath.” We usually associate soffits with a home’s roof structure. Soffits can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, aluminum, vinyl, fiber cement or steel.

To continue our series on Cincinnati roof ventilation information, we’ll focus this discussion on the soffit as a place to install vents in the roof overhang.

Soffit Vents And Your Home’s Roof

While a soffit can serve an aesthetic purpose, the primary functional purpose is to be part of the home’s roofing system. Of course, the soffit also importantly covers up and protects the rafters. Exposed rafters will rot if they are subject to the weather elements (and also likely cause a mold buildup and let critters in to your attic).

Think of it this way: Soffit vents help your home to breathe. These vents allow air to flow through them regularly, providing continuous air circulation to the home’s attic. Soffit vents work with other vents, such as a ridge vent, to achieve proper air flow in the attic. We offer a soffit vent that will limit the moisture that can enter through the vent while still achieving the proper air flow. However, soffit vents alone will not help — another vent system such as a ridge vent is required.

What If There Are No Soffit Vents?

If your home does not have soffit vents, the eaves would likely be sealed tight. In the summer months, the attic would draw in and hold the heat. When an attic overheats, the entire home will be hot – more so than you would expect and much more so than you would like. This also results in higher air conditioning costs. The problems continue in the winter months when moisture will build up, which can lead to wood rot, mold and higher heating bills.

Your home’s attic needs to breathe, and the heat and moisture needs to escape. Soffit vents are part of the best protection for your roof frame and to keep your home healthy through good air circulation.

Cincinnati Roofing and Soffit Vents

Our Cincinnati roofing and ventilation experts can assess the total ventilation requirements of your home. Estimating ventilation is a science and there are formulas that determine how many vents are required and which type of vents are needed. We can apply this formula to your home and install the vents that are needed.

Air circulation in your home’s attic will not only make your attic and roof free of moisture problems, but it will also make your home more comfortable. Call or email us today to set up an appointment.