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Three Things Roofers Can Do for You

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You may be asking yourself what types of services roofing contractors can provide. In addition to product expertise and material options best suited for you, a roofing contractor can provide peace of mind by answering your many questions.  Here is a short list of the...

Is Vinyl Siding the Right Choice for Your Home?

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There have been a number of siding materials to choose from over the years, but a handful of standards have remained. For example, fiberglass and hardboard composite siding have been largely replaced with vinyl and a new standard, fiber cement. Some of these materials are...

Myths of Window Replacement in Ohio

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Nearly every homeowner will need to get the windows replaced in their 20th Century built home. This can be a daunting task, as it is often a costly and time-consuming venture.  There is lots of misinformation out there about window replacement, be it cost variances...

Do All Parts of the Country Use Vinyl Siding?

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In the Cincinnati area – and indeed, across most of the midwestern United States – vinyl siding is in widespread use, and only increasing in popularity. You see vinyl siding on all types of houses, and in a wide array of colors and styles. Since...

Four Ways to Tell if a House is Energy Smart

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In an April 2021 column, Peter Tertzakian wrote about how Canadian homeowners will soon receive subsidies to make their homes more energy-efficient. While the USA does not have the same carbon taxes as in Tertzakian’s province of Alberta, that line of thinking is still valid...

Why Gutter Cleaning Helps You So Much

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Of all the household tasks to manage, cleaning your own gutters can be one of the peskier ones. Why is it so absolutely necessary that you get those gutters cleaned out? Here are the five main reasons. You Will Increase the Lifespan of Your Roof...

Four Vinyl Siding Makers to Watch

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Few areas in material science have advanced more recently than vinyl siding. The popularity in vinyl siding has exploded in the 21st Century, and as a result, manufacturers have the budgets for research and development. The economy of scale has certainly favored the makers of...

Take Caution with your Gutters

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Your gutters can take a lot. They deal with heavy rains, feet of snow, strong winds, and all types of debris coming from all directions. One thing they cannot take, however, is a pressure washer. Some homeowners attempt to wash out their clogged gutters with...

How Much Has the Pandemic Impacted Siding Work?

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While the majority of Americans have been sheltering at home for the past few seasons, many industries have been blighted by the change. Restaurants, bars, and live music venues have struggled to keep from going under. But what about siding work? What has happened to...

Fixing the Roofs of Cincinnati

When considering options for local roofing companies in Cincinnati, experience and reputation should be key. You want a company of roofing professionals that has extensive on-the-job training. You also want to be sure that their past and present clients are satisfied and happy with the results of their work. Roof work is an exacting field of expertise, and one in which very small missteps could lead to ruined work. Our team of Cincinnati professionals has the qualifications and the attention to detail you need. Your roof is our priority. We take care to inspect each new job with the uncompromising precision that we base our reputation on. We handle every piece of flashing, every chimney, and every single shingle with care. Harper takes your roof seriously, and cuts no corners. When searching for affordable, detail-oriented roofing professionals, you need look no further.