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Finding an affordable company for roofing is one challenge in and of itself. Especially in a city like Cincinnati.

Sourcing a company that does great siding work? That’s another tall order as well.

Or how about a company that does window replacement at a reasonable price?

These are all tricky areas, particularly if you are looking to be frugal. But Harper Siding & Roofing offers ALL THREE of these services, and with an eye toward cost-efficiency.

Cincinnati Roofing

We all know that roofing costs can escalate quickly. The materials are prohibitively expensive, the labor is dangerous and therefore includes hazard pay, and the work is unpredictable in terms of how long a single job can take.

Harper Siding & Roofing, though, manages to be reasonably priced, and predictable when it comes to scheduling and time estimates.

Whether you are looking for a full roof replacement, a re-shingling, a maintenance sweep, or something else with your roof, Harper does great work at a great value. So many Cincinnati roofs have been installed and maintained by Harper, and for good reason.

Request a FREE estimate today, and we will send a professional from Harper Siding & Roofing over to evaluate your roof situation, and let you know what is possible to accomplish.

Cincinnati Siding

Vinyl siding functions terrifically well in Cincinnati’s seasons. It is durable, resistant to rot, and able to withstand high winds, solid hail, and big snowstorms. It is ideal for the vagaries of Cincinnati’s weather.

Harper Siding & Roofing specializes in affordable vinyl siding. New vinyl siding can make your home look newer and fresher. Older siding can look drab and dirty, but the newer siding is bright and sparkling-looking. Improvements in material science have made the newer vinyl siding easier to clean, and much less expensive to maintain. A simple power sprayer can make it look brand new.

You have many options with vinyl siding — shakes, shingles, or planks. The planks are long, thin strips that we can install horizontally or vertically, while we can nail the shingles and shakes individually onto the house.

Cincinnati Window Replacement

Insulation is key in a place like Cincinnati, that can go from below freezing to hot and humid within days. Having double-paned windows — or simply a new set of single-paned windows — can improve your home’s insulation significantly. And that means that it requires less heat and air-conditioning time to get your home to the ideal temperature. And then THAT means that you will save tremendous amounts of money each month on your HVAC energy. Energy is getting more and more pricey, and smart insulation choices will do wonders for your pocketbook.

In addition to the energy savings, new windows will look great. Your home’s curb appeal will increase dramatically, just from getting fresh glass into those frames.

The insulation benefits are not just about temperature, either. Fresh windows will insulate your house sonically. You will not hear the neighbors as much, or cars going by, or lawnmowers down the block. Your home will become quieter — and the amount of relaxation that stems from a quieter home cannot be underestimated.

Affordable Exterior Services In Cincinnati: Roofing, Siding and Windows!

Having a one-stop shop for windows, siding, and roofing gives Cincinnati homeowners an excellent option. Harper provides FREE estimates, and we can come look at all three at once — your roof, your windows, and your home’s exterior. We make it easy.