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You Can Install DIY Rooftop Solar Panels on Your Home – But Should You?

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It used to be that rooftop solar panel installation was only possible by hiring an expert (at a significant expense). Spending that kind of money on a pro can really eat into the potential savings that solar panels can offer. Every dollar you spend on the professional installation of solar panels means it takes longer to see an energy-savings benefit in your household budget.

Given the cost of professional solar panel installation, more homeowners have turned to DIY rooftop solar panels. A quick Google search will give you a variety of options in terms of finding and purchasing kits purporting to help you get your solar panels installed completely by yourself.

But … is this a good idea?

Installation Costs

There’s no question: installing solar panels yourself means that you won’t have to pay a professional to come out and install them. Every penny you would have spent on hiring a roofing contractor to come out to your home and spend hours up on your roof is a penny you can spend on something else. It’s hard to ignore those cost savings (but it’s a good idea to consider what hidden costs there might be that offset those savings).


On the other hand … for every minute a professional would be spending up on your roof, installing your solar panels, you can estimate you’ll be spending 3-5 minutes of your own time to do the same job. A professional installation comes with a price tag, for sure, but that expense buys you both efficiency and the free time you can use to do something else instead of being up on your roof installing solar panels.

It’s Not Easy

Let’s face it – if roof work was easy, everyone would do it. There’s a reason that most homeowners trust their solar panel installation (plus roof repairs, gutter work, roof replacement, etc.) to professional roofing contractors in their area: it’s hard work, and it’s even harder if you want to get it right. We spend years learning how to safely, efficiently, and effectively do roof work, and if this is your first time, it’s not going to go as smoothly as you’d probably like. You should assume that mistakes will be made, and that damage could even be done to your roof during your solar installation project. Then there’s the safety aspect to consider – professional roofers know how to best keep themselves safe in a dangerous situation. Think about if that risk is worth it before you begin.

Potential Damage

Being up on your roof, it’s possible not only to damage the solar panels you’re trying to install, but to also do damage to your existing roof. When you’re tallying up the potential savings you imagine you’ll pocket due to reduced solar panel installation costs, be sure to weigh those against the potential repair costs due to damaged shingles, tiles, gutters, or skylights.

Not Covered by Warranty

This is probably the biggest deal breaker for most homeowners: when you have a professional roofer install your solar panels, not only are they insured against any damage they might cause or injury they might sustain while working on your roof, but their work will be guaranteed. If you install your own rooftop solar panels, you’re on your own if anything goes wrong, and that can be a very expensive situation to find yourself in.

After considering all the potential pitfalls with DIY solar panel installation … it’s honestly probably worth it to call in the professionals to take care of it for you. Yes, it will cost more to hire a pro than to do it yourself … maybe. But maybe not, once you factor in the other potential costs and expenses that can come with doing it yourself. Also, keep in mind that professionals can often get materials at better prices than consumers, so you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that a professional solar panel installation doesn’t cost as much as you might expect! Give us a call today to find out how we can help with your solar panel roofing needs … or just to find out how we can help you to fix the hole you put in your roof while you were trying to save money doing it yourself!