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Why It’s Best To Put A Roof On In Warmer Weather

older shingles on a roof“Can I have my roof installed during the winter?”

People often ask us, why is it not a good idea to install roofs when it’s too cold outside?

The simple answer is: the shingles need to seal.

Roof Installation During Warmer Weather

The sun’s warmth seals those shingles, and if the temperature is below 50 degrees, it is much more difficult to get those shingles set. You can try roof installation at 40 degrees, but it is really much better to wait until the sun is heating everything up.

Also, if the shingles themselves are cold, they can crack when you try to nail them in. A cracked shingle is a leaky shingle, and none of us want that.

When it is colder, it is often windy, and that wind will wreak havoc on shingles as well.

Ideally, we will have had a few days of consistent warm temperature before beginning the roof installation. After a cold snap is less than ideal as well.

Thankfully, our Milford based roofing and siding company does window installations, gutter work, all variety of siding, and many other jobs that we can take on when the weather is less warm. It is good to have work year-round.

Whether it is cold out the day you consider roof replacement or not, call us at 513-444-6098 for more information and to set up a FREE ESTIMATE.