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Why Gutter Cleaning Helps You So Much

gutter clogged with leaves

Of all the household tasks to manage, cleaning your own gutters can be one of the peskier ones. Why is it so absolutely necessary that you get those gutters cleaned out? Here are the five main reasons.

  1. You Will Increase the Lifespan of Your Roof

Debris in your gutters leads to stagnant water. That water, with no way to drain out, can cause your roof to rot. You do NOT want to create leaky spots in your otherwise pristine rooftop.

  1. You Will Avoid Water Damage

That water can do more than mess up your roof. The standing water can cause leaks and damage on the exterior and interior of your house, below the level of the roof and gutter. Water damage can lead to rot, mildew, and permanent destruction of your home’s building materials.

  1. You Will Minimize the Chance of Your Foundation Cracking

Without your downspouts carrying rainwater (and snow melt) away from your house, that water can pool around your home’s foundation. If this happens through the fall and winter, it can freeze and expand, causing your foundation to crack open.

  1. You Will Drive Away Pests 

That debris in your gutter is often organic material – leaves, pinecones, branches, and other natural detritus. That decomposing material makes a perfect home for insects, birds, and rats. They LOVE that natural nest material. Do you want rats multiplying in and around your gutter? Or do you want wood-eating insects to thrive with their ideal habitat?

  1. You Will Save Yourself Money

All of these potential repairs can be avoided. Keep your gutters clean now, and you will not need to pay to fix these problems later. Prevention is the best medicine for your home.