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What are Good Questions for a Siding or Gutters Contractor?

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Companies that work on exteriors often handle many different kinds of work – that is how our company operates here in Cincinnati. We install and repair home siding, work on roofs and chimneys (and install new ones), and renovate and replace gutter systems. All of these exterior jobs are related, and it makes sense to train our team of professionals to learn everything possible about all of those jobs.

What kinds of questions should you ask a company that is trying to get your business?

gutter clogged with leavesWarranties

Great companies tend to offer labor warranties. While a manufacturer’s warranty will cover the materials, and any potential defects in the materials used, a labor warranty will cover the installation itself. Such a warranty will apply to the quality and precision of the work done.


Not at all companies offer financing options, certainly. Those that are better established, and with a longer track record, may supply options for different ways to pay over time. We all know that cash and checks, in this day and age, are not only the only ways to pay for goods and services.


The company you choose for siding work, for gutter work, for roofing work and other exteriors jobs needs to be insured fully. This means not just liability insurance, but worker’s compensation coverage for all of their employees.

Here at Harper Siding & Roofing, we offer affordable work while maintaining the utmost in professionalism and courtesy. We would love the chance to earn your business. Please let us know if we can visit you to offer you a free estimate on our services.

What Tools Do Hired Roofing Professionals Use?

People sometimes ask what tools we use most as roofing contractors. Where do we spend most of our money in the hardware store? We use nail guns often, and hammer tacker staplers. There are many varieties of shovel we use, including scoop shovels and roofing shovels — for tearing off shingles. Pry bars are common too. Air compressors, measuring tape, laser measuring tools, roof brackets, and tarps are part of our arsenal. Saws (circular and reciprocating) and sawhorses are necessary for us as well. Caulking guns, tin snips, cordless drills, and hatchets are usually in our work trucks. And, of course, we cannot forget what we require to reach the roof: ladders, ladder hoists, and extension ladders. In terms of safety provisions, we always need hard hats, safety harnesses, and roofing boots. For cleaning up after ourselves, we always need brooms and rakes.