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Fall is Here – Time to Get Your Gutters Cleaned!

Preventive medicine is the best medicine!

Think of your gutters like your arteries. You need them clean and clear. Most importantly, liquids need to be able to flow through them. You need to stop those clogs before they harden.

It is natural for your gutters to fill up. Leaves blow in — not just from your trees, but from those of your neighbors. Rainwater turns those leaves into paste and keeps them from blowing away. It happens! It happens to the best of us.

Clean Gutters BEFORE They Become An Issue

The key, though, is treating these clogged gutters before they cause problems. A clogged gutter can cause rainwater and snow melt to run along your siding, which can ruin your siding. This can also cause water to drain toward your foundation rather than away from it, which opens you up to a host of issues. You do not want mildew, rot, and other problems from misdirected water. You need those gutters to protect your structure and safeguard against the elements.

It gets harder to clear those gutters as it gets colder. That pasty, wet muck freezes, and gets stuck to itself — and stuck to the gutters and the exterior walls. The snow pack builds up, and the moisture build-up just gets worse and worse. Huge icicles form, more leaves get caught, and the clogs intensify.

Contact Harper Siding & Roofing, and we can clean out your gutters quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Our company always offers free estimates, so let us take a look at your situation before you pay a single cent. You will thank yourself come January, when the bigger snows come, and your gutters are clear.


Your Local Roofing Company Explains Roof Damage, From Birds

Much as we might love the songs of birds in our yard, it is best that they nest in trees rather than rooftops. When birds make their home on your roof, a Cincinnati roofing company can show you that they can cause a great deal of damage to those exposed surfaces. Often, they will build nests near the chimney or gutter. The corners of your roof are great for perching, and provide fresh water. However, the acid in the birds’ droppings can wear away your shingles and even lead to severe roof leakage. These bird droppings bring bacteria and viruses as well. You may need to clean the gutters regularly to keep debris from building up. You may also want to add bird feeders to your trees, to make it clear to birds that they are welcome in your yard – just not on your roof top.