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The Different Types Of Roofing Shingles

What Kinds Of Shingles Are Available For My Roof?

harper roof colorful shinglesIf you are looking into getting a new roof in Cincinnati, you may curious about what type of options you have for which roofing material is used. While there are many types of roofing shingles, the most frequently used shingle for roofs in the Cincinnati area is the composite shingle which is made of a combination of fiberglass and asphalt. Composite shingles are manufactured in more shapes and sizes than other similarly priced shingles. They are also available with features including resistance to impacts, wind and fire. The material the shingles are made from enables them to be produced in more sizes and shapes than other shingles. The design flexibility and reliable durability are two qualities of these shingles that attract Cincinnati roofing companies like Harper Siding and Roofing, and homeowners alike. Most of the composite roofing products have a 20-30 year warranty which adds to making these shingles an excellent choice.

Metal Roofing Material

Metal is becoming one of the most frequently used roofing materials because it has some very appealing qualities. It is a very durable roofing product and it has the stability that is required in areas with high winds. It is also a flexible product that lends itself to many designs. The reduced maintenance is an attractive feature. Metal roofing materials can be made in many styles. Two of the most popular metal shingles we install are made of stone coated steel shingles and steel shingles/shakes. Stone coated steel shingles have the beautiful aesthetic quality.

Wood Shingles

Some homeowners have wood roofs because the look of wood shakes is appealing to them. The only reason for installing wood shakes is to obtain the authentic look of a shake roof. Wood shakes require a lot of maintenance and they are attractive to wood-boring insects. The metal and composite roofs are also more fire resistant.

Shingles Can Be Classified Into 4 Types


The 3 tab shingles look thinner and render a less dimensional appearance. The warranty is affected by their thin construction.


Secondarily referred to as laminated or architectural shingles, they are a very popular choice. They often carry a 30 year warranty.


These shingles have more design improvements and may even be double lamanent with a fiberglass reinforcement.


Specifically designed to be more resistant than other shingles. These shingles must be tested using the UL 2218 standard. Recommended for areas where storms or high winds are a problem.


These are beautiful but they are costly to install and require a lot of maintenance. Today, shakes are replicated with materials that have much more durability and are less costly.

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