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Ohio School Closed for a Full Week after Roof Split

Here in Ohio, the freezing and thawing throughout the cold months can wreak havoc on a rubber roof, which is commonly found on both commercial and residential structures. We always recommend regular roof checks, especially on large buildings where they can’t be viewed easily.

A perfect for reason for this?

In Youngstown this month, a split in a rubber roof membrane on top of a school caused a full week of school closure.

And while some of the students may have been delighted to have an extra week’s worth of snow days, the damage was no joke. Four classrooms and one part of the hallways took on water after the membrane split.

What made the incident more serious was that, because St. Christine School is an older building, the split exposed asbestos. Wet asbestos does not pose a hazard, but once it dries and turns into a powder, the material becomes toxic to breathe in.

The water damage to the classrooms was covered by insurance, but the church parish will have to pay $80,000 for the rubber roof repair.

Inspect Roofs Often

Now, could this incident have been avoided if the roof was properly maintained? It is impossible to say without knowing more about the details and extenuating circumstances. But it is safe to say that regular upkeep of a roof will usually prevent such breakages from happening in the winter.

If you would like Harper Siding and Roofing to inspect your rubber roof for signs of damage and necessary maintenance repair, we can provide a free estimate for you.

That free estimate will take into account regular upkeep and preventative measures, based on the age and condition of your current roof.

We hope the winter season has been kind to you and to your property thus far, and we look forward to speaking with you if you have any need for roofing assistance. Please call us at 513-444-6098 to schedule a time for your free roof estimate.