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As Temps Warm Up, It’s Time to Get Those Roof Leaks Fixed


interior damage from roof leakThis is Ohio. We have severe weather. We have high winds, and brutal subzero freezes, and hailstorms, and downpours. We have high humidity throughout the summer, and surprise thunderstorms. We go from freezing to thawing to freezing with remarkable speed, and when the summer kicks in, the scorching sun can be relentless.

But we love Ohio, regardless of all of this severe weather. Of course.

Ohio Weather And Your Home’s Roof

What does this mean for your roof, though? How do your shingles and your flashing and your gutters respond to these whiplash changes in the weather?

Oftentimes, those winter freezing spells, and icy collections of moisture, can lead to roof leaks. The contraction and expansion processes treat your roof the same way they treat I-71 and I-75 and the Norwood Lateral. Small cracks turn into bigger cracks, and before you know it – literally before you know it because you do not see it coming – you have massive fissures in your roof.

While the daytimes begin to really heat up in the Ohio spring, it is a perfect time to have us look at your roof. You may not have noticed any damage. And, truth be told, you may not truly notice damage until water starts trickling in, and mold starts spreading in your attic.

Schedule a free visit, and we can inspect your roof at no cost to you. You may not need any patches at all. Or, the leaks may be so small that they are easy to patch up. Either way, give yourself the peace of mind that comes with an inspected, well-maintained roof. Extend your roof’s life, and breathe easier.