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Replace Your Roof AND Help the Environment? Here’s How.

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You don’t always get to choose when it’s time to replace your roof. Severe weather and time are the biggest culprits when it comes to roof damage, repair, and replacement. But once you know that you have to replace your roof, you might be interested to know whether your choices can have a wider impact on the world, and not just on your home and your bank balance.

Extend the Life of Your Roof

All construction projects come with a cost to the environment. Materials need to be manufactured and disposed of. Roofing contractors need to transport themselves and their materials to your home. The less often your roof needs to be replaced, the better for the environment (it’s better for your wallet and your stress levels, too)! So, the more you can do to extend the life of your roof, the better. Don’t skimp on your roof installation — a bit more expense at the time of installation can save you a lot down the road by delaying the need to replace your roof. Don’t ignore leaks or other signs of damage — unless you’re a roofer, it’s tough to tell whether a problem is big or small, and even a small problem, ignored, can ruin the integrity of your roof and require a replacement sooner than expected. If in doubt, call in a pro!

Roof Coatings

The idea of a roof coating might conjure images of nasty chemicals that could cause environmental harm, but modern roof coatings are environmentally friendly and do more to help the environment than to hurt it. Roof coatings can reduce damage to your roof from water, UV damage, and wind. This can help to extend the life of your roof, and the longer your roof lasts, the better for the environment!

Solar Shingles

New advances in state-of-the-art technologies are now allowing roofing materials to be integrated with energy-production. Solar shingles are one option which allow your roof’s materials to capture the sun’s energy to help power your home. In the coming decades, it’s likely that this technology will continue to advance and become more affordable, so it may well be that integrated solar roofing technology could become commonplace in the future.


When you’re making a decision about the materials for your new roof, keep in mind that some materials are easier and more cost-effective to recycle. Metal, cedar, and slate are all great choices if you want to focus on being able to recycle your roof’s materials when it’s time to replace it in the future. Many other roofing materials, such as tile or timber, can also be kept and used around your home or yard as building materials for a variety of future projects.

Energy Savings

Replacing your roof is the perfect time to consider other ways you can help the environment, such as by reducing your energy usage and cost for your home. Installing a “cool roof”, or adding insulation, appropriate ventilation, or a radiant barrier, or even simply choosing a lighter color for your roof, can all help to reduce your household energy usage and make your home more energy efficient. Roofs often last 20 years or more, so the choices you make today can have a positive environmental impact for many years to come, and that impact will really add up over time.

Roof replacement time is the exact right time to think about how your choices impact the environment! Call your trusted, local roofer today for the latest information on how to incorporate your care for the planet with caring for your roof.