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Rain is for Flowers: Three Ways to Keep it Out of your Living Room!


Ah, the pitter-patter of rainfall on a spring night. The smell of  fresh rain in the morning, and the sparkle as it glistens off of the grass. The feel of a light, cool drizzle on your hand on a sweltering summer afternoon.

But rain can also mess your world up! Rain can devastate your home!

Here are three things you can do to keep your home high and dry.

Moisture seeping into your walls can destroy them – especially if that water sits and causes mildew.

Re-seal Your Windows

Stop the seep. Get the caulking around your window casings replaced. A little water coming in around the panes can cause the surrounding wood to weaken and rot. Maintaining your windows every ten years or so can stave off any issues with rain or other water.

Prevent Chimney Leakage

The flashing around your chimney is highly susceptible to leaks. One small part pops up, water gets in, and then that water applies pressure on the rest of the flashing. (The flashing, if you are unfamiliar, is what bridges the surface of your chimney to the rest of your rooftop.)

Check Your Gutters Before You Wreck Your Gutters

A clog in your gutter is unavoidable. Leaves back up, as does the mess from animals like birds and squirrels. Detritus and clutter of all kinds can get blown onto your roof. Getting your gutters cleared will direct water away from your foundation, and keep water from building up at the corners of your roof.