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Brighten Up a Home Exterior with These Popular Home Siding Color Options!

blue siding on home

One of the fun aspects of ordering siding for your home is that you can choose a new color for your exterior. Another fun aspect is that you can get this new color without needing to hire a painting crew or have scaffolding up for the second floor.

Popular Home Siding Colors? Here They Are!

The company Allura has recently posted the 28 most popular colors for home siding, and we loved getting to see all of these. We thought you might enjoy them as well:

  1. Autumn Red
  2. Coastal Blue
  3. Cypress (it’s a muted green)
  4. Desert Tan
  5. Flagstone (a deep grey that can make a red or blue accent really pop)
  6. Forest Green
  7. Granite Gray
  8. Light Maple (the lightness of the color is due to its being named for the heartwood of a cut-open maple, not of the external bark)
  9. Hearthstone (a rich neutral – a blend of gray and tan)
  10. Linen White
  11. Marigold (warm yet light – a pale yellow that brightens a home without garishness)
  12. Nantucket Gray
  13. Natural Clay (an off-white that looks natural without being a stark white)
  14. Newport Taupe (a cousin of Hearthstone, it is a marriage of gray and beige)
  15. Olive
  16. Pacific Blue (a subdued, deep blue)
  17. Pewter (a light gray)
  18. Sable Brown
  19. Savannah Wicker (a “true neutral,” as they say)
  20. Snow White
  21. Sterling Gray
  22. Suede (isn’t suede a texture rather than a color? In this case, it is a warm, rich brown)
  23. Wicker (a soft off-white, a neighbor of that neutral Savannah Wicker)
  24. Cedar (this is a stain rather than a color)
  25. Maple
  26. Mahogany
  27. Emerald
  28. Redwood