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How Much Has the Pandemic Impacted Siding Work?

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While the majority of Americans have been sheltering at home for the past few seasons, many industries have been blighted by the change. Restaurants, bars, and live music venues have struggled to keep from going under.

But what about siding work? What has happened to those whose livelihood depends on the installation and upkeep of exterior siding?

The Effects of The Pandemic on Home Siding

According to Ben Drury, a manufacturer of exterior building materials, the shelter in place has been surprisingly good for business.

As Drury writes in a February 2021 column, home improvement projects have flourished. As people have needed to stay home, they have become more conscious of their houses’ needs. While some homeowners have opted for DIY projects, others have invested in their homes with outside service providers.

For some people, stripping off aging siding and replacing it sufficed. For others, extensive remodeling projects involved months of labor and a range of materials.

Many homeowners built extensions onto their houses. Having the whole family sequestered in the same small living space may have been an inspiration for some to add extra bedrooms.

Others focused on limiting or minimizing distractions, and this meant implementing soundproofing measures such as double- or triple-paned windows.

Drury went on to write about homeowners investing in upgrade to their outdoor spaces. While this was not new to the pandemic era, this focus on outdoor comfort was notable. From improved lighting, more elaborate grilling capabilities, and built-in seating arrangements to landscaping and water features, yards received a great deal of tender loving care.

Fixing the Roofs of Cincinnati

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