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Myths of Window Replacement in Ohio

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Nearly every homeowner will need to get the windows replaced in their 20th Century built home. This can be a daunting task, as it is often a costly and time-consuming venture. 

There is lots of misinformation out there about window replacement, be it cost variances or energy efficiency. Window companies in Cincinnati get asked lots of questions from clients, so let’s break down some of the myths of window replacement that you should be aware of:

Myth: A new window won’t have any effect on your home energy bill.

Installing new energy efficient windows can protect you from both Winter drafts and Summer heat. Do you avoid sitting near windows in your home in the dead of Winter? The chilly inside surface of an inefficient window actually pulls heat from your body, making you feel cold and want to turn up the thermostat. This is a common concern brought up to window companies in Cincinnati.

There are also benefits for Summer weather as well. Did you know that a standard double-pane window can allow as much as 75 percent of heat from the sun into your home? New energy-efficient windows reduce the heat gain in your home without reducing the visible light, so you’ll get a well-lit home without having to feel uncomfortable in your own house.

Myth: All windows protect my family and valuables from UV sunlight.

Many newer windows have coatings that act like sunscreen for your home. These UV-blocking windows can protect your furniture, hardwood floors, carpets, and more from sun damage such a color fading or discoloring.  Whether you’re talking about a cherished heirloom or a favorite photograph, your home and belongings deserve protection.

Myth: Windows won’t affect my home’s value.

Not only do new windows greatly improve your curb appeal, according to the National Association of Realtors’ most recent Cost vs. Value report, you will recoup as much as seventy percent of the project cost. Replacing windows catch the eye of potential buyers and be the beautifying touch that can help your home stand out.

Myth: You cannot replace your windows in the winter.

Home improvement is not just for warmer seasons! Professional window companies in Cincinnati stay in business by providing services year-round. Homeowners are often concerned about the cold and how long their home will be exposed to it during these updates and renovations.  These are details that any experienced window company will go over to reassure your investment is a wise one.