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Is Vinyl Siding the Right Choice for Your Home?

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There have been a number of siding materials to choose from over the years, but a handful of standards have remained. For example, fiberglass and hardboard composite siding have been largely replaced with vinyl and a new standard, fiber cement. Some of these materials are high cost and high maintenance, while others are much easier to manage.

Is vinyl siding the right fit for you and your property?

This type of siding is the right choice for many homeowners because it is relatively affordable. If it’s installed properly, it lasts for many years, maintains excellent condition, and can help prevent damage to the exterior of your home due to weather. With vinyl, you have various style and color options. It is moisture and insect resistant, and has a good fire rating (note that vinyl melts in the heat).

The durability factor certainly comes into consideration when looking at vinyl siding. Vinyl, being a plastic product, shares with other plastics one essential characteristic: vinyl does not biodegrade. Just as plastic’s non-biodegradable nature is a liability as a packaging material, that same biochemical tenacity becomes an asset as a building material.

New advantages are made each year in this material as well. Older vinyl siding used to fade after extended exposure to bright sunlight. Now, manufacturers add titanium dioxide to the siding, which blocks UV rays.

You have the opinion now of buying either recycled vinyl or “virgin” vinyl. Both recycled and virgin vinyl are available in a variety of thicknesses. The virgin vinyl is manufactured out of new PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

As a rule, your siding should be periodically washed and examined. And although vinyl is the least temperamental material for exterior siding, it, like all siding materials, needs to be looked after and well-maintained.