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Information About Vinyl Siding & Why It’s A Smart Move

What Are The Benefits Of Vinyl Siding?

The National Association of Realtor’s website, Houselogic, states that vinyl siding can increase the resale value of a home. A big reason for that increase in value? Vinyl siding adds to the home’s curb appeal.

cincinnati vinyl sidingVinyl Siding Can Reduce Energy Costs

There is an immediate economic benefit achieved through reduced energy costs. Many home energy experts believe that siding is a smart short-term and long-term investment. According to “Remodeling Magazine’s” 2014 Cost vs. Value Report, a midsize vinyl siding project will increase a home’s value by 78.2 percent of the project’s cost.

Vinyl Siding Is Easy To Maintain

The characteristics of vinyl siding are attractive to many homeowners. Among these desirable attributes is that vinyl siding is lightweight and relatively maintenance-free. Vinyl siding also provides thermal protection. Vinyl siding now has 32 percent of the new home siding market, which confirms just how popular it is.

Vinyl Siding Is Affordable!

What about the cost of vinyl siding? It’s affordable! Vinyl siding is almost always less expensive than other forms of siding and it is also less expensive to install. The installation cost of cedar clapboard is about 2.5 times more expensive. And while the material costs for some premium vinyl siding can cost as much as the best cedar siding, the installation costs of the vinyl siding is still much lower. Lastly, vinyl siding does not require painting (and that cedar siding does). Even still, many homeowners do not consider the financial aspects of vinyl siding to be the most attractive feature — they love the reduced maintenance.

Chemical Makeup and Thickness Of Vinyl Siding

However, there is one characteristic of vinyl siding that should not be overlooked, and that is the thickness of the panel. A thin vinyl panel is likely to sag over time. Thin vinyl siding with supports are not as likely to sag. The thinnest siding that can be installed in most places is .035 inch thick. However, premium siding runs between .044 to .048 inches thick (while some manufacturers make a .055 inch siding). Generally, the point of a thicker siding is greater stiffness, but the thickness alone will not guarantee a higher degree of stiffness. Tests have proven that the impact resistant feature is influenced more by the chemical makeup of the siding. Thus, consumers must rely on the seller of the siding to provide assurances of the chemical makeup.

Cincinnati Vinyl Siding Specialists

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