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Why Are Some Roofing Companies More Affordable Than Others?

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Does A Cheaper Roofing Estimate Mean The Work Will Be Bad?

The simple answer is – it depends. Some roofing companies can offer low costs to their customers, while others may charge much more for the exact same roofing job. Affordable Cincinnati roofing services, utilizing high quality materials and installation by skilled professional roofers, are still available to homeowners who do their homework. A higher cost doesn’t mean better work. At the same time, lower costs doesn’t always mean subpar work. Before moving forward on a roofing job in Cincinnati, we highly recommend getting several quotes, talking to each company’s owner and looking at reviews.

Here are 4 ways roofing prices can vary:

Relationships With Roofing Suppliers

Most roofers who have been in business for some time have developed relationships with suppliers who sell roofing products to these roofers at discounted prices. Generally, these roofers do a high volume of business, which encourages suppliers to sell products at lower prices. In many instances, these roofers also pay their accounts faster. Roofers who have a lot of work can negotiate volume prices on many products.

Savvy roofing companies have established good relationships with their suppliers, and this results in special prices being passed on. It also results in notification of high value products being offered with deep discounts.

Better Roofing Tools

Affordable roofing services are also provided by roofing companies that have the most efficient tools for installing a new roof. These labor saving devices result in a faster installation. The use of nail guns that are powered by electricity, or another power source, make the shingle installation much faster. These nail guns can be set for the proper force to ensure that the nails are properly set.

Efficient, Highly Trained Roofing Staff

One very important characteristic of a low cost, reputable roofing company is the high quality of their employees. Skilled roofers are essential to installing a new roof at a low cost. Roofing companies that train their employees in the most efficient installation procedures will always have the ability to provide lower cost services. Occasionally, training is offered by roofing material suppliers. Roofing companies that take advantage of this training will be able to install these products more efficiently and, therefore, at less cost to the customer.

The low cost begins with accurately calculating the height and pitch of a roof. While this is not a difficult procedure, an affordable roofer will have the equipment and the skill to make an accurate cost estimate – saving time and money. Accuracy means that they will not need to inflate the estimate to allow for an error.

Lower Overhead

This is key! Keeping overhead costs low is another way that roofing company can provide a better price for their work. Overhead can really make the price of work much higher than it needs to be. Overhead takes many forms, but a good example is a high number of employees that do not install roofing, and another example would be a large modern office building. And what about marketing? Are you seeing a roofing company’s TV commercials? Billboards? Radio advertisements? These all cost a lot of money! In addition, low cost roofing companies usually have an owner who is actively involved in working the jobs and doing the estimates. Supervisors and estimators can be very costly.

Affordable Roofing Solutions From Harper Siding and Roofing

Harper Siding and Roofing utilizes many of these techniques in order to keep our costs down – allowing for affordable roofing solutions without skimping on quality – while still providing terrific work and customer service (check out our Google reviews to see what we mean). Find out what affordable roofing looks like (and feels like in your wallet).