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How Often Should You Replace Your Roof?

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roof ventilation in atticAs with every part of your home, your roof has a limited life span. No matter how well you maintain your roof, with annual inspections and adjustments, your roof takes a beating throughout the year. The weather conditions wear your roof down.

In general terms, most roof constructions last about 20 years. The roof’s life can be shortened if it was constructed atop pre-existing shingles.

Here are four things to look out for, which might help you determine if your roof is nearing its final breaths.

  1. Is There Light in the Attic?

If you go up into your attic, and you see small beams of light coming through the ceiling, then you have some leaks to contend with. You may also see streaks or stains from incoming water.

  1. Are Your Shingles Flat?

Your shingles should lie flat against the roof. If they are buckling, then you should call in a professional. If your shingles are starting to crack, or if they are losing a lot of granules – you may find shingle granules in your gutters – then they are nearing their end.

  1. How’s Your Flashing?

Breaks or cracks in your flashing – that’s the sealing around your chimney, skylight, and vents – will lead to leaks as well. If your flashing is not made of metal, then you should consider upgrading from that old tar or cement flashing.

  1. Are You Getting Mossy?

Mold, fungi, or moss on your roof means that moisture is getting trapped up there. This sitting water can mess up your roof. Clearing out the moss will help for now, but its sheer existence means that there is a deeper roof problem to address.