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Home Insulation is Not Just For Winter: Two Year-Round Benefits of Insulation

cincinnati home insulation

The winter months call for insulation. No doubt about that. When those chill breezes sweep over the hills, having strong home insulation will help you keep your home toasty without running the furnace all the time.

But what about the rest of the year?

Here are some other benefits of having a well-insulated home.

Like the McDLT, the Cool Stays Cooler Too

Remember the McDLT? That fast-food meal that took pride in keeping the lettuce and tomato cold while the burger itself was hot? Anyhow, the point here is that good insulation will keep the proverbial lettuce and tomato fresh and chilled. During the summer months, you will not need to run your air-conditioner for as many hours, or at such a low temperature. According to, you can save up to 20 percent on the energy costs for heating and air-conditioning if you add insulation. This includes adding insulation to floors, attics, crawl spaces, and the rim joists around your basement. Reducing air leaks will reduce those energy costs as well.

Your Home Will Be Quieter

The insulation does not just keep the treated (i.e. heated or cooled) air in. It keeps the untreated outdoor air out. By that same token, that insulation keeps sound waves out as well. And – this is something many people do not take into account – the sound bleed between rooms drops as well. Less sound will be transmitted through the floors and walls. Your refrigerator hum will not travel as far. The ambient sounds from other appliances will be more contained as well. Perhaps most comfortingly, you will not hear the voices and televisions of other people in other rooms quite as much.