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Four Questions Before Installing a Skylight


Skylights can be wonderful, particularly in rooms lacking much natural sunlight access. Not all homes, however, are ideal for skylights. Is yours?

  1. Do You Have a Truss-Framed Roof or a Stick-Framed Roof?

If you have a stick-framed framed roof, where the rafters are three feet or more apart, congratulations! Stick-framed constructions are easier for adding skylights. The reason for this is that the wide spaces between the rafters give you enough room to cut holes for the skylights. Trusses, made from triangle-shaped units, are not made to be cut after they’ve been installed. Cutting these trusses might harm the roof, actually, and reduce its structural integrity.

  1. Do You Want a Fixed Skylight or a Vented Skylight?

Fixed skylights, which always stay closed, are easier to seal. They are less likely to leak, and are usually more energy-efficient because of that. Vented skylights, on the other hand, give you the option of opening or closing them – either with your hand turning a crank or with a motorized open-and-close button. Vented skylights let both natural light come in and fresh air, so if you are dealing with a poorly ventilated, stuffy room, the loss of energy efficiency may be worth it.

  1. Are You Okay Having a Bit Less Privacy?

You are adding an uncovered window to your house, and naturally this reduces privacy. If you want to tint the glazing, though, you can regain some of that privacy. The best roofing companies in Cincinnati, like Harper, can advise you on your tinting options.

  1. Do You Want Plastic or Glass Glazing?

Speaking of glazing, you have options. Glass glazing is much heavier, and can be much more expensive. The advantages, though, is that glass is more resistant to scratches, and it is more transparent. Plastic is lighter, less breakable, and more affordable than glass, but it can yellow and get scratched up.

How do I find the best roofing companies near me?

There are two sure-fire ways to find great roofing contractors close to where you live. Your best source for finding excellent roofers in your area is to ask around! A great, local roofing company will have satisfied customers who are happy to tell you about their experience. Ask your friends, neighbors, and colleagues if they’ve had roofing work done and what their experience was. The best roofing companies are local ones who care about their reputation and the quality of their work. If you don’t have anyone ready to share a fabulous experience they had with a roofer, your next stop should be online reviews like Google, Yelp, or Facebook. You’re looking for a local roofing company that consistently delivers 5-star service to customers in your area. The best local roofers are the ones with a proven track record that are invested in your community.