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Five Reasons You Need Clean Gutters

gutter clogged with leaves

Of course, you do not want your gutters overflowing the leaves. That much is obvious. But why do you need to get them cleared out by gutter companies in Cincinnati, even when they aren’t completely stuffed already?

Here’s how clean gutters help you:

You prevent future expenses.

Letting an out-of-control gutter spill over or back up can cause massive fixes down the road. Practice preventive medicine. A small investment now could save you from paying for a huge repair job later.

You keep unwanted animals away from your home.

Animals of all kinds can build their homes in your gutters. Insects, sure. Insects that eat away at your foundation, yes. Birds making nests. Squirrels making bigger nests. Rats waiting to jump down from the gutter onto your head. And making nests. It is best to evict these critters before they get too comfortable there.

Your roof will last longer.

Rainwater can flood from a clogged gutter onto your roof, and can cause your roof to leak or to rot. Be kind to your expensive roof, and keep it from dealing with standing water. Roofs do not respond well to puddles.

You will keep water from damaging your house.

Let’s say the water does not ruin your roof, but instead damages the outside *and* the inside of your house. Let’s say this diverted gutter-water causes your walls to mildew and rot. That’s not good either.

Your foundation is less likely to crack.

Clean gutters divert rainwater and snowmelt away from your foundation. If those gutters are not working right, this water can stagnate around the foundation. And then, after it has pooled up, it freezes and expands in the water, and cracks your foundation. You do not want to deal with that, at all.