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Do All Parts of the Country Use Vinyl Siding?

vinyl siding on a house

In the Cincinnati area – and indeed, across most of the midwestern United States – vinyl siding is in widespread use, and only increasing in popularity. You see vinyl siding on all types of houses, and in a wide array of colors and styles. Since vinyl is so popular, companies that make vinyl siding are investing more and more in research and development; as a result, new variations emerge each year, and are readily available from our distributors.

Is it this way all across the United States? Or do different regions have other approaches to siding?

From what we wear, vinyl siding is less common elsewhere. Part of its midwestern popularity is its ability to handle both snow and humid summers. In other areas, there are other concerns guiding homeowners’ choices.

In Florida, for example, concrete block is used much more often, and frequently with stucco exteriors. Given the extreme humidity and salt air, the concrete and stucco are used to protect the house from the elements.

In Texas, the excessive sun leads builders to opt for brick and stone on housing exteriors. Vinyl siding is less common across the Lone Star State.

What About Houses in the Desert?

The Southwest is known for its lightly-colored houses. Those tans and light greys help reflect the heat. With no real winters to speak of, there is no drawback to those light shades.

Adobe is common in states like Arizona and New Mexico. Trombe walls, stone exteriors, and clay tiles are also frequently used in these desert home constructions.

Vinyl is used in southwestern homes, but not where you might expect. Rather than siding, builders use vinyl windows to encourage heat reflection. These vinyl windows’ airtight nature is also a benefit in those hot, dry climates.