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Common Roofing Issues To Look For

roof shinglesWhat Are The Most Common Issues With Roofs?

The roof is the largest area of your Cincinnati home, and it is the area that is most vulnerable to damage and to other issues caused by weather related problems. Most of the issues are not visible from the ground. This is why an annual roof inspection by a professional Cincinnati roofing contractor like Harper Siding and Roofing is so important.

Here are some of the issues that can cause serious problems for the homeowner.

Roofs and Weather Damage

Shingles are prone to wear caused by the elements. Particles from the roof can often be seen in gutters and in the downspout catch troughs. This condition causes the shingles to become weak and subject to damage by winds. Shingles can even become dislocated when they are weak exposing the underlayment to water damage and rot. This condition will allow water to enter the attic and run down between the walls allowing black mold to grow which is a serious threat to the health of the home’s occupants.

Sealing Up Openings Around The Roof

There are many openings in roof to accommodate pipes, vents or the chimney. The sealant, which is intended to protect these areas, can become weak and cracked. These conditions will also allow water to enter the attic and other areas of the home. Every part of the roof that surrounds an opening should be inspected to be sure that the sealant is doing its job. The chimney opening is also protected by flashing, which is a metal material that protects against the opening in the roof from acting as a conduit for water leakage.

Drip Edge

The roofing drip edge often becomes dislodged and out of its protective position. The purpose of a drip edge is to make the rain water flow off of the roof and into the gutters rather than down the side of the home. The drip edge should extend by 3/4 inch beyond the fascia board. Water that flows down the side of the home may result in soil erosion and a flooded basement. It may also stain the siding material. The drip edge also protects wood that may be affected by water that does not drain properly.

Check Your Attic

A trip to the attic may prove to be useful, because any area of the roof that is leaking water may leave stains on the underside of the roof underlayment or on a roof support member – showing water spots on the ceiling.

A Cincinnati Roofer For All Roof Related Issues

Roofing issues need to be addressed promptly to protect the home from damage and unhealthy conditions. If you are looking for affordable Cincinnati roofing companies, consider reaching out to Harper Siding and Roofing for a free roof estimate. Call us at 513.444.6098 or use our online contact form.