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Cleaning Algae And Black Streaks Off Your Roof

What Are The Black Streaks On My Home’s Roof?

The black discoloration and streaks that are visible on many roofs of homes in the Cincinnati area, from Madeira and Milford, to Oakley and Hyde Park, is actually algae. This algae is not eliminated or reduced by ultraviolet rays because it can protect itself by forming a dark pigmented sheath. Unfortunately, this algae is not readily visible until it has spread over a large area of the roof, making it highly unsightly. However, Cincinnati roofing companies can detect it in its early stages by doing a roof inspection.

Black Streaks On Roofs

The black streaks seen on a roof indicates that the Gloeocapsa Magma has attacked your shingles. As an airborne algae, it’s attracted to the limestone (which is part of the shingle material) and it adds weight to the shingles. When airborne algae lands on a roof, it begins to spread. If not removed, this algae will eat around the shingle granules until rain washes it away, resulting in shingle damage. Roof algae will eventually spoil the appearance of the shingles, and potentially even ruin the shingles, causing roof leaks.

Cleaning Roof Shingles

Cleaning an asphalt shingle roof should be done by a reputable roofing company in Cincinnati. High pressure washing is inappropriate because it will remove the granules reducing the life of the roof shingles. For you do-it-yourselfers, this is not the way to go about cleaning the streaks. More so, we don’t advise you doing this yourself as we want you to be safe.

Our roofing experts clean the algae by mixing a special cleaning solution and spraying it on the algae. This solution is applied with a sprayer and allowed to set on the algae for up to 20 minutes. This solution is then rinsed off with a low-pressure water rinse. We do not scrub the treated areas because this could potentially also loosen the granules. Our cleaning process will also remove mildew, which can be unsightly on the roof of your home.

Extend The Life Of Your Cincinnati Roof

Algae may seem harmless, and it may not be something at the top of your to-do list. However, keep in mind that removing algae quickly can potentially add years to the life of your roof. Of course, our roofing team will take every precaution to protect the landscaping that is near the home.

If the roof of your Cincinnati area home is looking rough – let Harper Siding and Roofing come out for a FREE ROOFING ESTIMATE. We’ll give you an honest opinion about the status of your roof – perhaps a simple cleaning will increase the curb appeal of your home. Call 513.444.6098 today.