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Box Gutters: Do They Work Better? Worse?

clogged box gutter at Cincinnati homeOlder houses around Cincinnati sometimes have box gutters. These are “hidden gutters,” in a way. They are part of the roof structure, rather than hanging off like more modern designs. These box gutters are also very wide, which means they do not clog as easily. Box gutters are also less likely to overflow.

Homes built in the late 19th Century and very early 20th Century are more likely to have these box gutters. The gutters themselves are concealed, so they complement the look of the building’s front, while letting architectural moldings and cornices retain their prominence.

So What Are Box Gutters?

These box gutters are made out of wood, with a large block-like frame as the primary support. The inside of the gutter is lined with a metal that will not corrode easily – often stainless steel or galvanized steel. A carpenter usually would build this box gutter, and then line the inside with this sheet metal and solder it together. The key in building these box gutters was to prevent water from pooling anywhere.

A key with box gutters is to keep the wood fastened securely, and to keep the gutters free of debris like fallen leaves. As with any gutter system, if water is left sitting in the gutter and unable to drain, it can lead to leaks.

With these older box gutters, oftentimes roof companies need to replace either the wood of the box or the metal lining.

Box gutters make for a beautiful look on the front of the house, but can be more difficult to maintain than more modern gutter styles. If you are looking for box gutter repair, or gutter replacement in the Cincinnati area, contact us today.