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Get Your Roof Ready for Wintery Ohio Weather with These 8 Tips

snow icicle from roof

Roofing contractors in Cincinnati, and all across Ohio, know that being prepared is the best strategy for handling whatever weather the winter brings. As they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and we’re sharing our top tips to help you set yourself up for wintertime success when it comes to your home’s roof.

Time for a Check Up

Having your local roofing contractor come out to give your roof a good looking over, before severe winter weather sets in, is a great idea. It’s far better to discover problems when they’re small and haven’t caused a massive issue yet, rather than when you have icy water dripping through your ceiling in January. We’re happy to come out and take a look at anything you see that might concern you, or even just to make sure that everything is going as well as it seems to be.

Missing Shingles

One of the most common roofing problems is having shingles that have come loose or gone missing altogether. This is pretty normal, and not a cause for concern in most cases, but it’s good to identify and replace any loose or missing shingles ahead of nasty winter weather.

Check Your Flashing

Another common issue is damage to roof flashing (the metal pieces attached to the edges and seams of your roof). Damaged flashing is a common area where water can get inside your roof and slowly cause major problems. Any signs of cracked, bent, or warped flashing need to be checked out – before winter snow and storms have the chance to make the problem even worse.

Deal with Leaves, Trees, and Debris

After cleaning your gutters in the fall (which you DEFINITELY did, right?) it can be a good idea to also address any trees or branches that overhang or rub on any part of your roof. You’ll maintain the cleanliness of your roof, keep your gutters clear more easily, and significantly reduce the risk of any tree-based causes of roof damage. Branches get broken frequently during the ice, snow, and windstorms that winter can bring, and late fall/early winter is generally a safe and easy time to take care of any tree trimming that needs to be done.

Visit Your Attic

You’re probably going up there soon to get the Christmas decorations out, anyway, so while you’re up there, take a look around. Check that your insulation still looks evenly distributed, and check for any signs of water damage, or even new places that light is coming into an otherwise dark attic. This can be an early sign of roof damage, or an indication that some local fauna might have taken up residence in your cozy attic to escape the winter chill outdoors.

Check the Chimney

The area around your chimney is a common place for roof damage and deterioration to occur. And though it’s a good idea to have your chimney regularly cleaned and checked, having someone up there working in that area can be a cause of minor damage, as well. Look for any signs of unevenness in the area where your roof and chimney meet, or any evidence that the structure of your chimney might have become compromised through the years. We’re always happy to take a look if you’re unsure.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Hooray! This is an indoor winter task: check and update (if necessary) your homeowners insurance policy. It’s good to review your insurance details from time to time, and you might as well do this one in the winter when it’s nicer to be indoors anyway!

Get Your Winter Roof Equipment Ready

It’s not necessary to have a ton of gadgets to maintain your roof throughout the winter, but a few tools can be quite helpful during Ohio’s intense winter snows. In particular, a heat cable for your gutters can keep runoff flowing freely, even in frozen temperatures, and a roof rake can help to clear heavy snowfalls off of your roof before they cause damage … and without you needing to climb up on a ladder to use it.

By following these tips to prepare your roof for winter, you’ll help to give yourself the gift of enjoying a peaceful winter wonderland, rather than having to deal with frigid mid-winter roof repairs. Glad we could help!