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Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal And Value With New Siding

If you are trying to sell your home, a common tip is to repaint your home to make it look like new. If your home has siding, you may be advised to install new vinyl siding instead. It can in theory make an old home look new, and it makes a major difference in the first impression potential buyers get when they see your home.

The Hard Data on Vinyl Siding

A National Association of Realtors report found that new home siding can have a 75% ROI. The average cost of new vinyl siding is ten to fifteen thousand dollars. The cost of the project depends on how much surface area is involved. This is a reasonable investment in making your home seem like new if the material was dented, worn or damaged.

The Alternatives to Vinyl Siding

Before you invest in new siding, see if power-washing the siding to remove dirt and scuff marks works. If that doesn’t, then you may want to look at new siding. When you have cracks or dents in the existing siding, you’ll certainly have to replace it.

Note that new siding won’t correct the structural problems that water leaks through the siding create. In these cases, you need to repair the warped wood and other structural issues, and then replace your home’s siding. Address pests nesting behind the siding before you have it replaced.

Fiber-cement siding shares many of the benefits of vinyl siding such as resistance to water. It is fire resistant and impact resistant, too. However, fiber cement requires more work to protect it from moisture. Vinyl wins out, though, when you’re trying to sell your home because it costs less to buy and less to install. You need to own the home for years for the embossing to make brown fiber cement siding look like real wood to be worth it. The greater durability and life expectancy of fiber cement siding gives it a comparable ROI if you own your home thirty years, but that is a strike against it if you’re trying to sell your home as soon as possible.

Tips on Maximizing the Value of Your New Home Siding

Replacing wood siding with vinyl siding can make the home more attractive to those who want to do away with maintenance. Vinyl siding doesn’t require much work on the part of the new homeowner, and it can last up to 25 years. For example, vinyl will never have to be caulked or painted. It can’t rot, and it won’t swell or warp over time. Good vinyl siding has a UV shield layer that helps it retain its color over time, too.

When you install foam backing on the vinyl siding, you’ll add insulation to the home that increases its value to environmentally friendly homebuyers. This is on top of vinyl siding’s natural resistance to wind and rain. There are vinyl siding products rated to withstand up to 110 mile per hour winds. Note that this rating depends on both the siding and installation method selected. When you plan on installing insulated vinyl siding, research the rebates you may be eligible for from the local utility and in the form of tax credits. Your home loses about a third of its energy through the walls, so you may be able to claim green tax credits for making this upgrade to your home. However, there may be rules you need to follow and paperwork that needs to be filled out. This can improve the return on the investment, though it won’t make the project free after the rebates.

Consider selecting vinyl siding that fits the general atmosphere of the neighborhood. For example, you may want to pick rich brown vinyl siding to resemble the cedar shake siding that’s common in your community, but without the regular maintenance and repairs these products need.

If your home was damaged by hail and wind, find out if you can have the new siding installed as part of the repairs to your home due to storm damage. You could end up with the insurer helping defray the costs.

Cincinnati Vinyl Siding For The Win!

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