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Don’t Skimp On the Roof Inspection When Buying A New Home

Most people realize the importance of a thorough home inspection before they close on the purchase of a property. However, they tend to overlook the importance of having a professional inspect the roof of that home. Here are several reasons why you don’t skimp on the roof inspection when buying a house in Cincinnati.

The Expert Roofing Advice You Receive

roof valley damageRoofs, like anything else, have a shelf life. But a poorly maintained roof may need to be replaced immediately even though it is five years old. A well maintained ten year old roof may have five or ten more years of life ahead of it. This is why you cannot use the age of the roof as the entire basis of determining when it needs to be replaced. Only an expert roof inspector can tell you if those curled up shingles or minor gaps in the flashing have caused severe water damage to the underlying structure. Why? Because a general home inspection tends to only take a cursory look at the attic and roof, while an experienced roof inspector will go through the attic and across the roof in detail, noting every problem and the impact it has on the property.

You want to know if there is water in the insulation undermining its effectiveness or fueling mold growth. Don’t let them tell you that the odd smell is due to a wet carpet they’ll replace, when it may indicate something structurally wrong with the home you would either want to fix or avoid by buying a different property.

We recommend having a reputable roofing company provide a roofing inspection as part of your overall home inspection, so that you don’t end up with an inflated repair bill by someone hoping to land the contract to replace your roof.

The Leverage A Roof Inspection Gives You in Negotiations

When you know the true scope of required roofing repairs or related structural damage, you have better leverage when you negotiate the price of the home and the conditions of the deal. When you have a general home inspector’s report saying the roof has several years of life left, they may prorate the value of the roof, leading to the seller providing you a modest decrease in the home’s sale price to offset this.

When you have a detailed report on the state of the roof, you can argue that the entire roof needs to be replaced soon and that you should be compensated for that expense, or that the seller should take care of the roof replacement before closing. Perhaps the home seller files a claim with their insurance and has the roof repaired before you move in, saving you the time, hassle and expense. Or they recognize the severity of the problem and reduce the price of the property to offset what you’ll have to pay for the repairs. In either case, you aren’t buying a property based on a basic assessment only to be hit with a major repair bill later. Don’t assume the home warranty they offer with the property covers this sort of thing – it will pay for an AC compressor that goes out but not prior roof damage.

A side benefit of calling out a Cincinnati roofing company to inspect the home’s roof is that it allows you to give the home seller a second assessment aside from the home inspector regarding the damage. If they arrange a third inspection on their own, they then have all the quotes they need to file an insurance claim or select someone to repair the roof. This means you’ve jump-started the repair process.

The Peace of Mind A Professional Roof Inspection Provides

Home sellers may want to arrange a roof inspection by a qualified independent roofing company before they list their home. That inspection in addition to a standard home inspection allows you to tell potential home buyers the roof is in great shape or give them a reputable report as to what needs to be repaired. They’ll trust it, and they’ll trust you, because you’ve already alleviated one of their major concerns. Then they can go forward with their own home inspection. If the roof inspection by the general home inspector agrees with your own roof inspection report, they’ll be more likely to close at your requested price because they know you aren’t hiding defects with the property from them.

What if you’re a home buyer? Paying for a roof inspection that confirms what your home inspector reported gives you peace of mind. You will then know for certain that roof will last five years or that the discoloration really isn’t a problem. Better yet, find a reputable roofer who provides a free roof inspection.

Roof Inspection Before A Home Sale Is A No-Brainer

Roof damage causes costly structural damage you don’t want to deal with when buying or selling a home. Standard home inspections aren’t thorough enough to give you an accurate assessment, and this is why you want to bring in a roof inspector to review your home before you sell it and any property you’re thinking of buying.