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How to Avoid Roofing Scams

avoiding roofer scams

Sadly, we read and hear about stories all the time, where roofing company cons unsuspecting home owners out of money.  It happens all over the country, including right here in the Cincinnati area.

So you are on your toes, here are some of their most common roofing con-artist moves:

The door-to-door roofing guy

Most reputable Cincinnati roofing companies are not soliciting by ringing doorbells and walking door-to-door. Such sales tactics are acceptable for selling Girl Scout cookies or newspaper subscriptions, but are not appropriate for a job that may cost thousands of dollars. If some scammer is just wandering nice neighborhoods looking for some gullible homeowner to take the bait, it is best to politely decline.

The storm-chaser

Some guys will go out after a big storm, when trees have fallen and power lines are down, offering to save the day. They may suggest that a lot of damage has been done to the neighborhood, and that you and your neighbors all have similar damage due to the nature of the storms. Just say no. Or “no thank you.”

The high-pressure hustler

A roofing salesman attempting to use high-pressure tactics to win your business – say, an offer that expires that week and cannot be rescheduled or delayed – is trying to manipulate you into acting under duress. Roof work can be scheduled weeks or months in advance. A roof repair job is only an emergency if you have, heaven forbid, a big gaping hole in your roof and rainwater pouring in. Legitimate, professional roofing companies are patient, and reasonable when it comes to the decision-making process.

Any of these moves are a red flag that the roofer in question is… questionable. Don’t fall prey to any of these schemes, and be sure to check the online reviews of any roofing company trying to earn your business.

Roof Replacement May Save You Thousands

As a roof begins to leak, it can do irreparable damage to the foundation of your house. Water can get into the structure, permeate the attic, and spread mold and mildew into the bones of your home. Standing water, whether it comes in through cracked shingles, leaky flashing, or failing seams, can destroy your insulation and ruin the wood of your beams. We have all seen pictures of those worst-case scenarios – when whole sections of a roof collapse, and fall into the bedrooms below. If anything like this happens, the cost to repair it goes far beyond what roof replacement might cost. Drywall would need to be re-hung, and existing walls may need to be extracted and rebuilt. If leaks are starting to develop in your current roof, it may be worth considering replacement rather than repair. It’s a chunk of change now, but could save you further expenses in the coming years.