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Frozen Downspout? Here’s What Happened.

Your downspouts go from your gutters down to the ground. They assist in moving water from your rooftop away from your house’s foundation, and out into the yard where it can drain properly.

All too often, though, these downspouts can freeze. This is not due to faulty design or implementation in the downspout, usually. This is a natural occurrence. Water can collect in the joints (or elbows) of the downspouts, and if that water sits, it can easily ice over into compacted, frozen blockages. If there is any debris at all inside the drainpipe, it can prevent the water from draining properly, and this too can freeze up.

Clogged Downspouts?

Much like a hardened artery in a human, these pipes can have their effective diameter shrink. As ice collects on the interior of the pipe, less water can pass through. Eventually, the pipe can clog entirely. Water cannot flow, and then you may get the gutter-drainage equivalent of a heart attack.

Another cause of these freezes is accumulated snow on the ground. At the point where the drainpipe reaches the soil (or concrete), snow or slush may build up. When this happens, then the rainwater cannot escape the downspout as easily. It freezes up, and the downspout backs up with trapped, still water. If you can keep that area below the downspout clear of accumulated snow, slush, leaves, and other debris, you will be doing yourself a favor.

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