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Ask Yourself These 3 Questions Before Opting for a Skylight

Skylights can be a marvelous addition to a home. Skylights allow more than 30% more light into a room than standard windows do. Not only does this added natural light help your place feel welcoming and relaxing, but it can save you a great deal on your heating and air conditioning bills.

There are several styles to choose from – flat, domed, vented, fixed, and more – and depending on your style of roof, you have many options to consider.

Here are three questions you should think about before proceeding with such a project.

3 Questions To Consider Before Installing A Skylight

  1. Are You Sure You Have Clearance?

Some attic areas have pipes, wires, or even heating and air conditioning vents running just under the roof. If this is the case in your home, then you may not be able to install a skylight exactly where you would like it. It may be possible to choose a different part of your roof, but you should have an inspection to determine if such an installation is possible.

  1. Will You Need to Cut a Roof Support to Fit the Skylight?

Many skylights can fit between the supports, or roof trusses. If you are wanting a larger skylight, though, the installation crew may need to cut one of these supports. There are several ways to do this without compromising the stability or structure of your roof beams, however.

  1. What Slope Angle Can You Make the Skylight?

You want your skylight to be at a slope that is five to 15 degrees higher than your latitude. The reason for this slope angle is that it is the most energy-efficient angle for allowing in heat and light from the sun. In order for your energy bills to benefit from your new skylight, you want to aim for that range of 5-15 degrees higher than latitude.