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Upgrading Your Home’s Windows Affordably In Cincinnati

Home’s not staying warm in the winter?

Home’s not staying cool in the summer?

Old, drafty windows?

“But I can’t replace my windows! That’ll be super expensive!”

Well, it doesn’t have to be.

Replacement Windows CAN  Be Affordable

You may need to replace your home’s windows because they’re letting water and outside air in. You may want to upgrade your windows to reduce your energy bills, since modern windows have far better insulation build into them. New windows may improve your overall comfort by dampening outside noise or blocking bright direct light while letting gentle natural light in. Yet many of us put this off because of the associated price tag. Here are a few tips for upgrading your home’s windows affordably.

Skip the Name Brand Windows

You may already know that generic brands are typically as good as the name brand products. In the case of store brand food products, they’re made in the same factory. Ironically, the same is true for windows. You can save a lot of money by avoiding name brand windows.

Don’t Forget the Little Things

One of the most common reasons people cite for upgrading their windows is poor energy performance. Before you go buy new windows, find out if new caulk or weather stripping will stop those drafts. If you don’t like the way the windows look, consider painting them. Note that you may have to add a special primer to prepare the windows.

Suppose you need to upgrade the windows, since your single pane windows are costing you too much in heating and cooling bills. Consider the affect the material will have if you decide you don’t like the look later on. For example, you can’t repaint PVC or vinyl windows, though you can paint wood or fiberglass. You do have the option of painting the wall around the windows to create a lovely frame. Choose a window frame that you’ll either be happy with as is or can change if you’re prone to redecorating the outside of your home.

Try to frame the job as part of a larger project. For example, if you have always wanted shutters or window boxes installed, have that quoted as part of the home renovation project along with the window installation. And make sure that the windows you’re selecting will fit with other decorative elements you want to install. Don’t forget the little energy efficiency improvements while you’re at it like having the installers apply caulk and weather stripping to new windows or the existing windows in your home.

Pace Yourself

An affordable window replacement in Cincinnati may mean doing it in stages. You don’t have to do all of the windows at your home at the same time. You could replace the windows on the most weathered side of the house first. You could leave the replacement of the half-moon windows above the entryway for another time. Doing the job in stages allows you to save up and pay cash for the project, and that may allow you to get a discount for paying for everything up front. It certainly eliminates the interest payments on a home equity loan or credit card to pay for the new windows. Though keep in mind, you may save costs by doing all the windows at one time – something you should discuss when talking to a reputable window replacement company.

Research Your Window Replacement Alternatives

If you can’t afford replacement windows right now, you may be able to buy new storm window frames. Depending on the type of window you have, you may be able to just replace the outside frame or specific parts of the windows than the whole thing.

Another solution is fully researching your alternatives before committing to a particular solution. Double pane windows are certainly more efficient than single pane windows, but there may be double pane windows that are both cheaper than triple pane windows and almost as effective at insulating your home. Perhaps you don’t need advanced glass that controls the angle at which light enters your home, and you could get by with cheaper window films applied to the window after installation. If you hate that cold spot, the best solution may be a combination of new windows and insulated drapes instead of the most energy efficient windows on the market. An awning may be a better way to shade that window from the summer sun than picking one, fantastically efficient window for that location.

Sometimes we want to improve our level of privacy while replacing the windows. You could opt for mirror like films that block most of the light and could prevent casual passerby from looking in your home instead of an expensive window that lets you fog it up at the touch of a button. Don’t overlook classic solutions like blinds and curtains, either.

Affordable Window Replacement Company In Cincinnati

If you think new windows may be in your future, contact Harper Siding and Roofing for a FREE, no obligation quote. It’s probably more reasonable than you may think.

A Roof Leak Repair Company That Can Handle It All

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