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Neglecting Small Roof Repairs Can Lead To Bigger Problems

The wisdom of preventative, pre-emptive roof repair – strengthen the roof before it leaks, not after your living room has inches of water on the floor – is something we are often reminded of when reading school reports.

Here is an article from this week, in the Patriot Ledger. Ruth Thompson writes about the local schools, and the frequent occurrence of roof leakage.

Just in one night’s meeting:

– Leaks at the custodial offices of Wampatuck Elementary School
– Leaks in Room 215 of Jenkins Elementary School
– Hallway leakage at Cushing Elementary School
– Leaks in the gym and in Room 16 of Hatherly Elementary School
– A leak between the gyms and hallways of Scituate High School

And, while your home is different from a set of school buildings, it is worth noting that unattended roofs will spring leaks throughout the year.

The smart move is to handle the roof repair before any leaks sprout up. Pre-emptive repair – strengthening the bonds and joints of a roof, especially, as that is where many leaks often begin – is significantly less expensive than trying to patch and bolster a roof that is already perforated and has water running all the way through it.

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