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3 Ways New Windows Can Save You Money

Much as the eyes are the windows to the soul, your windows are the eyes to your house. You can save a good deal of money by replacing those older, drafty windows with newer vinyl replacement windows. How so? You can get Energy Star-qualified windows...

Why There Are (Or Should Be) Drip Edges On Your Roof

Sometimes roofing companies will omit the drip edges when installing a roof. In contract negotiation, it is often the first sacrifice. Drip edges, however, protect your roof. There are many reasons why you want these in place – here are three: 1. The Eaves Need...

Cincinnati’s Best Roofing Companies Agree on Certain Points

There are a few certain points to keep in mind when thinking about hiring a roofing company. One of those is that your contractor needs to be properly and fully licensed. The best roofing companies in Cincinnati all agree about this point. This licensing is essential for a number of reasons, and you do not want to start a roofing job without it. Also, safety is always a primary concern. Most roofing accidents happen during foul weather – extra gusts lead to unsteady footing. If you have a leak, we can capture that water with a bucket until the weather is safe enough to resume roof work. Nobody wants to put anyone at risk, especially thirty feet in the air. Additionally – make sure your roofing materials are top-quality. Crooked nails, cracked shingles, and other material issues can cause new leaks and render your repairs worthless.